Tiffany Jamison was born in Stockton, CA. and grew up in church at Church Temple Apostolic Church. As a young child was involved in community theatre productions and church youth choir events that travelled around California. As an undergrad at UCDAVIS, she joined the University Gospel Choir as well as joined an independent singing group called Anointed By Grace founded in Sacramento where they traveled around California.

After receiving her degree, she moved to the Bay Area. Fellowshipping with other churches and people, she realized that her worship to God stirs environments to chase after God and pursue Him in a deeper posture of praise. In November 2021, she stepped out on deeper waters to release her debut single entitled “I Believe In You, “ out to download on ALL digital platforms. 

She serves as a guest worship leader and choir member within various churches in the Bay Area and is currently one of the worship leaders at her home church Greater White Rose COGIC, where her Pastor is the Prelate of California Northwest (CNW) Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction Bishop N. A. Bullock.

In January 2022, she became the newly appointed CNW Praise & Worship Leader/Coordinator. Although a Stockton native, the Bay Area is home for her as it is in the Bay Area where she discovered her identity within these last 10yrs. Her love for Gospel, Jazz and old church hymns come out through her music and she is excited to share her many testimonies in more music to come. She implores you to become intimate with the Father! 

She gives special appreciation to her family, friends and producer, Devin Watkins for all the support & encouragement while on this new journey!